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In patients with incomplete spinal cord injuries, the severity of the neurologic deficit is the most important prognostic variable.

This is supported by the first reference by Pollard et al, which is a retrospective review of 412 patients with traumatic, incomplete, cervical spinal cord injuries, and an average follow-up period of 2 years. This study found the most important prognostic variable relating to neurologic recovery in a patient with a spinal cord injury is the completeness of the lesion. When an incomplete cervical spinal cord lesion exists, younger patients and those with either a central cord or Brown-Sequard syndrome have a more favorable prognosis for recovery.

The second study by Bravo et al is a randomized sample of 100 patients (50 without neurological recovery, and 50 with several degrees of recovery). This study found the intensity of the lesion (incomplete) and vertebral displacement (under 30%) were statistically associated with neurological recovery. Both of these studies support answer 1, the completeness of the lesion (severity of neurologic deficit).

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